Advisory Board

Central Banking's advisory board

Central Banking's board

Members include Nobel Prize winning Economists and central bank Governors from around the world.

Zeti Akhtar Aziz

Former governor

Bank Negara Malaysia, 2000-2016

Don Brash

Former governor

Reserve Bank of New Zealand, 1988-2002

Charles Goodhart

Professor emeritus

London School of Economics

José De Gregorio

Former president

Central Bank of Chile, 2007-2011

Lars Heikensten

Former governor

Sveriges Riksbank, 2002-2005

Jaime Caruana

Former general manager and governor

Bank for International Settlements, 2009-2017 and Bank of Spain, 2000-2006

Andreas Dombret

Former member of the board and supervisory board

Deutsche Bundesbank, 2010-2018 and European Central Bank, 2014-2018

Otmar Issing

Former member of the board and executive board

Deutsche Bundesbank, 1990-1998 and European Central Bank, 1998-2006

Dr Abdulrahman A Al Hamidy

Former director general, chairman and vice-governor

Arab Monetary Fund and Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, 2009 - 2013

Donald Kohn

Former vice chairman and board of governors

Federal Reserve System, 2002-2010

Lord King of Lothbury

Former governor

Bank of England, 2003-2013

Luděk Niedermayer

Former vice-governor

Czech National Bank, 2000-208

Perng Fai-nan

Former governor

Central Bank of China Taiwan, 1998-2018

YV Reddy

Former governor

Reserve Bank of India. 2003-2008

Robert Shiller

Arthur M Okum professor of economics

Yale University

Kenneth Rogoff

Professor of Economics and Thomas D Cabot Professor of Public Policy

Harvard University

Andrew Sheng

Former deputy chief executive

Hong Kong Monetary Authority, 1993-1998

Gary Stern

Former president

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, 1985-2009

Jean-Claude Trichet

Former president and governor

European Central Bank, 2003-2011 and Banque de France, 1993-2003

José Darío Uribe

Former president, FLAR and governor

Central Bank of Colombia, 2005-2017

Tarisa Watanagase

Former governor

Bank of Thailand, 2006-2010

Joseph Yam

Chief executive

Hong Kong Monetary Authority, 1993-2009