Central Banking Insight

Trusted and relied upon for over 30 years, Central Banking Insight provides readers with exclusive and global coverage of the community.

In 2020 the editorial team increased their focus on opinion driven, off-diary features to ensure members of the Institute are armed with unique perspectives.

Central Banking Insight includes:

  • Central Banking News 
  • Central Banking Journal
  • Central Bank Directory

Central Banking News

For over 30 years Central Banking has provided regular, independent reporting of the global community.

Central Banking's news coverage is centred around seven essential areas of central banking: 

  • Monetary Policy
  • Financial Stability
  • Fintech
  • Economics
  • Governance
  • Reserves
  • Currency

Producing over 200 new articles a month, members benefit from trusted, daily coverage of the sector. Central Banking News doesn't just keep you informed on the latest activities but provides you with unique insights that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Central Banking Journal

Journal articles provide members with in-depth analysis and topical features, including: 

  • Interviews with key figures in the industry, including Governors, senior members of central banks and industry practitioners 
  • Focus reports on key topics, such as Gold, CBDC and Big Data 
  • Book notes exploring key themes and trends from relevant books and authors 

The Journal doesn't just provide analysis but it delivers key insights into policymakers' decisions and their rationale.

Members benefit from access to an archive of over 42,0000 articles and all issues of the Journal, dating back to 2002. 


Central Bank Directory

Home to contact details for over 4,500 senior central bankers and their institutions, members can use the Directory to expand their network. 

The Directory includes:

  • Key contact details, such as email addresses and telephone number
  • A short summary of institutional responsibilities and governance arrangements
  • Brief history of the bank
  • Governors’ terms of office
  • Representative offices 


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