Why attend Central Banking Training?

In a period of uncertainty for the global economy it is imperative for central banks to prepare for emerging problems, in order to mitigate risk. Central Banking Training courses focus on the practical needs of central bankers, in key disciplines at both a strategic and day-to-day level.

By attending Central Banking Training participants:

  • Learn about practical solutions and how to apply them

  • Share and connect with peers across the globe

  • Ask questions of and engage with expert speakers

  • Further their understanding of new developments in their field

  • Improve their contribution and drive institutional improvement

  • Grow their network and profile

What is Central Banking Training?

Central Banking Training blends practical focus, global expertise and a trusted environment for sharing experience. Perhaps that's why more than 6,500 central bankers from 130+ institutions have participated over the past 2 years. 

Every Central Banking Training delivers:

  • An independent courses agenda, focused on central bankers' needs
  • A trusted environment to share knowledge, experiences and problems
  • 15 hours of practically focused training, blending self-paced land virtual formats
  • A range of views from a global faculty, including central bankers and leading industry figures
  • Content rich sessions, addressing core areas, new topics and pressing issues
  • Informed, interactive dialogue guided by an experienced course chair and moderators 

Central Banking Topics

In 2022 Central Banking Training topics cover: 

  • Accounting
  • Banknotes
  • Big data
  • CBDC
  • Climate change
  • Communications
  • Currency management
  • Financial reporting/stability
  • Fintech
  • Governance
  • Human resources
  • Leadership
  • Legal risks
  • Mobile payments
  • Monetary operations
  • Payment systems
  • Prudential regulation
  • Risk management
  • Strategic planning
  • Suptech

View our training calendar to see a full list of courses available here.

Courses structured to meet your needs

Central Banking Training courses are made up of four core elements: Orientation, the Course Reader, Live Content and Practical Implementation Workshops.

Participants benefit from a diverse group of presenters drawn from the official sector, markets, the media and academia through:

  • Interactive discussions
  • Detailed best practice
  • Understanding regulations
  • Analysing case studies and more


Central Bankers

More than 6,500 central bankers have participated in training courses



Central Banking has hosted over 300 courses in the past two decades



Over 200 institutions have sent participants to training courses



Over 150 experts chair and speak annually

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